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Frequently Asked Questions

Our public process won't allow us to respond in time for the deadline.

We've had several municipalities indicate that they may need more time to respond. If you are considering responding, but are going to need more time, please indicate that in your Letter of Intent. We are a very accomidating organization and will likely extend the final response deadline to meet any reasonable schedule.

Are you looking for a 300 page response?

No, absolutely not. Try to keep your response to a couple dozen pages at most. You don't want to write 300 pages and we don't want to read it. Try to be concise and use lots of pictures.

We have a different type of project in mind (or already in the works), are you married to your FTTP concept?

No. We are interested in all types of broadband projects including wireless, fiber, public, private or hybrid models. If you are looking for a competent partner for your community, please outline your ideas. We would be happy to consider any concept that serves a public need.

RFI Details

RFI Description: Ultra-High Speed Common Carriage Fiber Network

Name:Joshua Montgomery, Project Coordinator
Email: joshua.montgomery@wickedbroadband.com
Phone: (785) 840-6155

Name:Kris Adair, Financial Coordinator
Email: kris.adiar@wickedbroadband.com
Phone: (785) 840-7989

Copy Requirements: One electronic copy in PDF Format

Due Date & Time: Letter of Intent: Friday, February 7, 2013 at 3:00 PM CST
Final Response: Friday February 14, 2013 at 3:00 PM CST

Submit to Address:

Joshua Montgomery
Wicked Broadband
P.O. Box 3532
Lawrence, KS 66047

Representative Letters from Wicked Broadband Fiber Customers

Wicked has never lost a fiber customer.

Most of the customers currently connected via fiber are greek houses at the University of Kansas, however, Wicked has installed several single family homes and one local business that has substancial data needs. Here are some representative letters from our current fiber customers:

Business Site

Scanning America

Single Family Home Site

Kim Hirmas

Greek Houses

Sigma Nu Fraternity
Triangle Fraternity
Delta Delta Delta Sorority
Alpha Delta Pi Sorority
Sigma Kappa Sorority
Delta Upsilon Fraternity