Frequently Asked Questions

Lawrence understadibly has a lot of quesitons about Wicked Fiber, how it works and how to get it. Here are some answers some of the most common quesitons..

Service Plans

Policies & Terms of Service

Managed Wireless


I am already a Wicked Broadband member. What does this mean for me?

Existing members who are with us as of June 15, 2013 will be automatically connected to the new network at their current service address, provided their account is in good standing at the time of the fiber installation. Members may elect to use our Scarecrow service (20 Mbps) or upgrade to Tinman (100Mpbs) or Flying Monkey (1,000 Mpbs).

Members are also eligible for a free Wicked Fiber yard sign, which adds 16 points to the neighborhood where they receive service. If you are a member and want to get 16 points for your neighborhood by putting up a yard sign, send an e-mail to:

Which neigborhood do I live in?

For the most part, your neighborhood is your voting precinct. A precinct map can be found on the douglas-county website.

There are a few exceptions for small non-contiguous sub-precincts. These will be considered part of their surrounding precinct.


What is my neighborhood's pre-registration goal?

To build Wicked Fiber in a neighborhood we need a certain number of households to pre-register. That lets us know that there will be new members on the other end of all of that beautiful fiber.

Have a look at our progress page where you can see your neighborhood's progress and how many more pre-registrations are required to get Wicked Fiber.

What exactly is Wicked Fiber offering?

Wicked Fiber is offering to connect your home or business to the Internet at speeds of up to 100x faster than the average American household.

What about Google Fiber?

As part of our rollout, we are installing two spare fibers at each service address. These fibers will be available to other carriers or entities that might want to bring fiber-optic Internet service to Lawrence.

So you could say that we are laying the foundation for the potential expansion of Google Fiber to Lawrence.

Obviously we'd love to have Google Fiber come to Lawrence and provide service using the cutting edge infrastructure we are building. The addition of Google's storage, TV and search technologies would be a win-win for everyone involved.

What the heck is a Gigabit?

A gigabit is 1,000 megabits (and now you know as much as you did before!).

A bit is a "1" or a "0" that is transmitted through a network or stored on a hard drive. These bits are put in order and decoded to create pictures, websites, emails and television. Basically all "digital" information is just "1s" and "0s".

Internet service speeds are traditionally measured by the number of bits they can transmit in one second, so.....

Okay, the 3D holographic basketball coverage is just made up, but it is coming some day and when it does the fiber-optic infrastructure we are installing has the capacity to handle the traffic.

Why are you taking pre-registrations? Why not just build it?

We don't want to waste time and money building cutting edge fiber-optic infrastructure in neighborhoods that don't want the service. To justify the investment in infrastructure, we need neighborhoods to demonstrate a commitment to use the service.

What happens to my pre-registration fee if my neighborhood is not selected for the pilot project?

If your neighborhood is not selected for the pilot project we will refund your $10 pre-registration fee.

Apartment Complexes, Student Housing & Greek Service

I own/manage an apartment complex. How can we get Wicked Fiber?

We are currently offering our bulk service to any apartment complex in Lawrence. If you want to purchase service for your entire site at a huge discount you can contact us and we'll get right back to you.

For individual residential services we are taking pre-registrations from anyone in Lawrence. This includes folks who live in multi-family housing. Once the pre-registration period is over (June 15, 2013), we will contact apartment complexes in qualified neighborhoods to discuss our installation process.

I live in KU student housing, how can I get gigabit fiber?

First contact the director of your residence hall and let them know you want to have choices for Internet service.

You might also contact the student senate and ask them to take up the issue. We are more than wiling to provide services at student housing, but we need to be invited to do so.

Service Plans

Will my bill for TV and Internet be bundled?

The installation process will be integrated (one team installing and configuring all of your services on the same day), but billing will be handled separately.

The whole idea behind the Internet is that it is a neutral medium for transporting Information. End users of the system have thousands of choices for goods and services, all their internet service provider (ISP) does is provide a connection from you to your merchants.

With this in mind, we've decided not to bundle our billing for TV, Internet and Phone. We want you to be able to terminate your TV subscription, Netflix account, Vonage phone service or 3D holographic basketball subscription at any time for any reason.

As a neutral carrier, our goal is to provide you with a lightning fast, highly reliable connection to the global information grid (GIG). What you do with it and who you buy your TV, Phone or Mobile service from is entirely up to you.

Can I get Wicked Fiber without a TV subscription?

We don't require you to bundle any other services with our Internet package. Feel free to buy your TV from Netflix, Hulu+, Aereo, Amazon Prime or anyone else. With no bandwidth caps or overage charges, you'll have plenty of bandwidth for all of your favorite TV products.

Do you provide phone service?

We don't provide phone service directly, but with 1 gigabit of capacity you can expect crystal clear service from voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP) providers such as Vonage. Many of us here at Wicked Broadband use Vonage for our home phone service and we love it.

Can I use my existing router or WiFi access point?

Yes. Any equipment that connects over Ethernet can connect to our fiber network. Be careful though, this doesn't include cable or DSL modems. Those devices are designed to connect using antiquated technologies such as DOCSYS and ADSL.

Our fiber network delivers service via Active Ethernet. This is the same technology used in offices, data centers and hosting facilities.

Will there be data caps?

Nope. We did a survey of our members 6 months ago and over 85% of them told us they don't want data caps. We actually listen to our members.

That said, we will continue to manage our network in a way that provides the best service for everyone. You can't just kick off 100 torrents and blast away at 1,000 Mbps 24x7x365. Our bandwith management policy is designed to provide reliable service to everyone, for that reason we dynamically manage bandwidth for power users.

What TV channels are available?

Television service is provided by Dish Network so you'll be able to get pretty much anything from US sports channels to international programming in Cantonese or Tagalog.

How many TVs can I connect?

We can connect as many TVs as you own. The first two TVs are included in the price. Additional TVs can cost between $7 and $10 per month depending on what kind of features you select (DVR, Dual Tuner, etc.). Commercial and apartment properties can get great pricing through our Bulk service.


What happens if I want to cancel service, but I am still under contract?

You can cancel at any time by paying $12.50/Mo for the months remaining on your agreement.

Members who choose to pay the construction fee or live in a house that had Wicked Fiber before you moved in can cancel at any time, for any reason with no penalty or payment.

Can I run a server on my Wicked Fiber connection?

Business accounts can run servers and other commercial infrastructure on our system. Running a server at your home is a violation of our terms of service.

If you are a home user and want to run a server, we suggest renting a cloud server at Rackspace or Amazon. They are cheap, powerful and fast.

If you want to host a physical server somewhere, I think you'd be surprised how cheap it is. There are co-location facilities in Kansas City that will host your server cheap.

Can I get a static IP?

Static IP addresses are $5/Mo ea.

Do you leave Ports 22,25,80,443 open?

For now we are going to leave 22 (SSH) open unless we run into trouble with someone doing something naughty. Ports 25,80,443 will be filtered for residental users, but open for business customers. If you want to run a server, either sign up for business service or rent a cloud server.

How fast is a flock of flying monkeys?


Managed Wireless

Will the managed wireless access point have access to my data?

No. Traffic from the managed access point is segregated onto a separate network.

Will the managed wireless access point take away from my network speed?

Even at its maximum capacity the managed wireless access point on your home can only use 5% of the gigabit line we are installing. Most of the time it will use much less than that.

Like all ISPs, Wicked Fiber aggregates your traffic with the traffic of everyone in your neighborhood and passes it along to the Internet. So in a way you are already sharing capacity with your neighbors.

The idea behind the managed wireless access points is that in exchange for sharing a small portion of your own service with neighbors walking, biking and jogging in your neighborhood, you can roam around your neighborhood and use a small portion of their service.

The end result is a neighborhood with ubiquitous network coverage where you can get online anywhere, any time.

Will people use the managed wireless access point on my house as their primary source of Internet access?

No. We are developing a set of policies and technologies to ensure that these access points are only used for roaming, public access and emergency service.

How useful will this be in the event of a power outage or emergency?

Ask the folks in Joplin. Our team went to Joplin to help with the cleanup two years ago and we were stunned by the level of devastation.

Our engineering team believes that by burying the fiber and housing our network equipment in galvanize steel enclosures, some (definitely not all) would survive a tornado and continue to operate.

This would be good news for the community in the minutes and hours after the event. With landline subscriptions plummeting recently and cellular towers destroyed, we feel our approach to this problem will allow survivors to communicate with friends, family and emergency workers.