A whole new Internet experience

Wicked Fiber brings the Internet to you at speeds of over 100 times faster than a typical connection. With Wicked Fiber it takes just seconds to download music and movies. And since the up speed is the same as the down speed, you can upload videos and photos just as fast.

The secret to bringing these speeds to your neighborhood is the installation of fiber optic cable. Our Active Ethernet technology runs on single mode fiber and brings a stunning 1,000 Mpbs of service to your home or business.

Wicked plans at wicked prices

Wicked Fiber might be fast, but to bring our members a whole new Internet experience it also has to be priced right. That is why we've developed three great plans for residential members; truly exceptional pricing for apartment complexes; dormitories and Greek housing; and competitive rates for businesses.

Residential Fiber

Flying Monkey - $99.98/Month

1 Gigabit Down / Up
No Bandwidth Caps

Our Gigabit Internet service is the fastest most reliable Internet service that has every been deployed. Download entire movies in just seconds. Store large files in the cloud and still have instant access. Ideal for professionals who work from home, photographers, video enthusiasts and gamers.

Tinman - $69.98/Month

100 Mbps Down / Up
No Bandwidth Caps

Wicked Fiber's best value. Get all the speed your existing router can handle for less than you are paying now. VPN to your office at line speed, teleconference with crisp clear video and audio. Stop worrying about "overage" charges and use the next generation Internet.

Scarecrow - $49.98/Month

20 Mbps Down / Up
No Bandwidth Caps

Get started on Wicked Fiber with reliable 20 Mbps service at a competitive price. Reliably watch HD Netflix stream(s) while surfing the web and uploading photos and videos.

Business Fiber

Business Fiber - $59.98/Committed Mbps/Month

Free - 9 Mbps best effort service with each committed Mbps

Up to 1,000 Down / Up
No Bandwidth Caps

Our business service provides reliable, business class Internet with 24x7 monitoring and lightning fast speeds. Our business class internet service is sold in 1 Mbps committed increments. That means we guarantee you'll get the promised Up / Down speed 24x76x365. As an added bonus, we provide 9 Mbps of best effort service for each committed Mbps. Purchase 5 Mbps of dedicated service and get 45 Mbps of additional capacity free.

100 Mpbs Bulk/University/Greek - $12.00/Member/Month

Up to 100 Mbps Per Unit/Member Down / Up
No Bandwidth Caps

Provide your tenants or members with complimentary service for only $12 / Member / Month. Have a greek house with 50 members. Is your Internet slow? Join Sigma Nu, Delta Gamma, Delta Upsilon, Theta Chi, Kappa Sigma, Kappa Delta, Alpha Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Triangle, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sigma Delta Tau, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Phi Kappa Psi and get the best end-to-end bulk solution availabe anywhere. - Available Now!

Gigabit Bulk/University/Greek - $24.00/Member/Month

Up to 1 Gigabit Per Unit/Member Down / Up
No Bandwidth Caps

Provide your tenants or members with 1 Gigabit complimentary service for only $24 / Member / Month. Keep your housing fully occupied by providing your tenants with the fastest, most cutting edge Internet service available today.

Residential business construction fees

We have a number of options to get you online without breaking the bank

$300 - Free with 2 year commitment

Everyone likes free. Make a 2 year commitment to Wicked Fiber and get service installed at your home or business free of charge.

$300 - $149 with 1 year commitment

Not sure you are going to be in Lawrence for more than a year? Commit to a year of service and get 1/2 off our standard $300 construction fee.

$300 - $199 with 10 month commitment

Planning on skipping town at the end of the semester? Commit to 10 months of service and get $100 of our standard $300 construction fee.

$300 - with no commitment

Do you just want your rental property hooked up for future tenants? Are you only looking for a couple months of service? Get Wicked Fiber installed to your home for a one time fee of just $300. Increase the desirability of your property by giving your tenants access to the fastest Internet service around.

Greek Construction Fees

Free - with 1 year commitment

If you want to provide the best Internet in town to your members all we need is a 1 year commitment. Sign on the dotted line and we'll do the rest.

Apartment / Student Housing Construction Fees

Free - with 5 year commitment

If you want to provide Internet as an amenity to your tenants for the next five years, we'll install service at your complex free of charge.

Variable - no commitment

Charges to install service at your complex without a commitment vary depending on the location, building materials and other factors. Please contact us to get a custom quote for your property.

Installation charge

If a Wicked Fiber Enclosure is already installed on your home, you can get service turned on without any additional construction fees.

$50 - Installation charge

This covers the cost of sending a technician out to your property to install the electronics package and get you online.